Born 1982

Live and work in Haifa, Israel

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Livi is a Haifa based documentary filmmaker
and photography artist.

She was one of the entrepreneur of the first independent art center in downtown Haifa.

Her works and video’s have been shown in Art galleries and museums in Israel and europe
and her short film ”51 port st’- a war film” was screening in exhibitions in Haifa museum of art, Tel aviv artists house ect.

Her feature debut documentary “The Other city” received support from the new Israel film fund and the Makor film fund and will screen on fall 2020.

Her large format photograph won the National Gallery Modern Perspective competition in 2010.

She now teaches in the photography dep. in  Wizo design academy where she completed her bachelor degree and now studying for her Master degree in Film and culture at the Haifa university .

Conact Selected Publications



2006-2010 Wizo academy of design and education, photography dept. B.ED.DES
2005 B&W photography course at “Photomanhattan” NY, NY

Solo exhibitions

2014 "Alley Cats” Tha gallery of Kiryat Tivon Memorial Center
2012 “51 Hanamal st.” Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Israel
2011 “History” Dbosh studio, Haifa

Selected group exhibitions

2016 “Polaris” Gate 3 gallery, Haifa
2015 “Dreje” Gate 3 gallery, Haifa
2014 “Light in the darkroom” Musrara mix festival, Jerusalem
2013 “Two years after” Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Israel
2013 “Winter Harvest” Cabri Gallery, Israel
2012 "Paris square" Haifa museum of contemporary art, Israel
2011 "photography saloon" Hangar 2, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 "The rite of spring" RAWART gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 “Human Landscape” Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 “Fresh paint” Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 Selected Graduated students, The Open Museum of photography Tel Hai
2010 “Haifa -Plovdiv, Plovdiv- Haifa” Pygmalion House-Televisia Europa, Bulgaria
2010 “Secret art 5” Mani House, Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 “A little more” PEKA Gallery, Technion, Haifa, Israel
2009 “A little” The Wing Gallery, Haifa, Israel
2009 “merged #1” old city hall, London, England
2008 “Hopes” MDSM center, Oświęcimiu, Poland

Curating Exhibitions

2016 “Polaris” Gate 3 gallery, Haifa
2015 “project wall” Rotem Amizur solo exhibition, Ha’agaf Gallery’ Haifa
2015 “five air directions” Beit Hagefen Gallery, Haifa
2013 “Flower of the pomegrant” A solo show for an Anonimus Iranian photographer
in Israel, The Wing Gallery
2011 “Apperantly” A solo show for Vadim Nemirovsky, The Wing Gallery
2009 “A little more” Peka Gallery, The architecture dept. Gallery, Technion
Scholarships and awards
2011 Winner of Modern Perspectives photography competition - National Gallery, London
2009 Peace Sullivan scholarship
2008 Rotary scholarship
2006 The Green fund scholarship

Magazines & Catalogs

2012 "Sarmad"
2012 “Israel to go” - lunchbox
2011 “Human landscape” Catalog
2011 The Encyclopedia of Moments - Volume One
2010 “Haifa -Plovdiv, Plovdiv- Haifa” Catalog
2010 A5 Magazine Sin issue #10
2010 “The Hill Magazine” - 3rd issue, Cambridge University
2010 CARPACCIO Magazine “The difference between what is equal” Issue #19, Spain
2008 “Hopes” MDSM center, Oświęcimiu, Poland - Catalog